AvediaServer now includes new enterprise middleware to manage endpoint presentation and interface experiences. Exterity customers use Artio to customize the design and brand of multiple portals and channel viewing options to meet their own unique requirements.

Artio Portal

Artio provides IPTV System Administrators the tools to improve the power and flexibility of enterprise IPTV middleware for organizations across a range of industry sectors. Artio facilitates the creation and management of customized TV, VoD, radio and interactive pages – tailored for individuals or groups of viewers with a consistent user interface across multiple client devices, providing flexibility for user engagement to go far beyond what was previously possible in the enterprise IPTV space.

Artio enables organizations to provide specific User Interfaces for different groups of users, enabling them to fully unlock the possibilities of enterprise IPTV. Artio helps administrators’ manage the design and brand of the end-user experience through an intuitive drag and drop interface and basic design template options, rather than the laborious process of creating them from scratch. Easily add or edit all the functions that are needed, schedule a sequence of actions, trigger recordings and inject promotions or messages to create separate content streams for different audiences.

Artio Desktop Player

Artio Desktop is a media player that instantly gives PCs and Macs access to TV and video content with a mouse click. Artio Desktop supports live TV, Video on Demand and provides a comprehensive EPG.

  • Supports multi-language audio, subtitles/closed captions and Teletext
  • Centrally managed and deployed, easy to use and integrated with Active Directory to control access to content and services
  • Provisioned, configured and administrated through AvediaServer
  • Flexible and scalable, an unlimited number of desktop endpoints can be added
  • Securely adds premium broadcast channels through integration with SecureMedia content encryption

Artio Multiview

With Artio Multiview, a flexible mosaic of multiple video streams can be viewed from a PC browser. IPTV system administrators and users can see the whole content picture on one screen.

  • Multiview supports all the viewing features of the Artio Desktop player
  • Simple user access is via browser from a client PC with Multiview held and controlled centrally on the AvediaServer
  • Administrators can create mosaic templates showing many TV channels


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RTS is an Exterity IPTV Streamforce Platinum Partner and has installed IPTV systems in many prestigious venues including new builds, Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed properties including government departments across the UK. RTS hold demonstration stock of the Exterity IPTV product range. Our engineers have completed Exterity advanced training at the Exterity headquarters at Dalgety Bay, Fife.

RTS always available with advice to help determine if IPTV is right for you.