At RTS, we are working on conferences and events on a daily basis, so we’re well placed to see the ways that demand for certain solutions start to change. Just recently, things have changed quite significantly… As an example, it’s no longer enough to have a wonky, poorly projected image at your conference or leave everybody at the back of the room struggling to hear what you are saying – and the reason for this is primarily because of the audio and visual systems we now buy for our homes.

As the technology people use in their homes becomes increasingly sophisticated, with HDTV, BluRay and surround sound systems leading the way, business users expectations of the AV equipment supplied to their conference or event are far greater than ever before.

Rather than projectors and portable screens, high-quality plasma TV’s are the popular choice for displaying information and graphics – particularly at exhibitions where large display screens not only attracts visitors, but keep them on your stand, even when you can’t talk to them immediately. If you look at busy stands at exhibitions, they tend to have an AV presence that helps to grab a potential customer’s attention.

And it’s the same with audio solutions for conferences. It’s no longer acceptable to just ‘speak a bit louder’ and hope that people hear you. A simple, high quality, PA system and a suitable microphone allows your delegates to focus on the key points – rather than struggling to hear the words. Whether presenters use a table mic, a lectern or discreet lapel mics, the message they are delivering needs to be clear and understood.

So where’s all this going next, I hear you cry! Well let’s take a look at the home market again. 3DTV has started to become available, which will mean the expectations of your graphic presentations will start to soar, and social networking tools like videochat are permeating into the business market, with HD Video Conferencing attracting a lot of attention as it’s now a socially acceptable way of communicating.

So if you are planning an event or exhibition, it would be worth taking a look at how a simple, cost-effective AV solution can help you engage more effectively with your customers – because if you don’t, it is highly likely that your competitors will!