Let’s face it travel is now very expensive, a return ticket from Leeds to London costs an arm and a leg even when it’s booked well in advance. For international travel flights are no better, though flights are getting cheaper all the time, the amount of wasted time travelling to the airport, checking in, waiting, being delayed, arriving late, hotel rooms and then doing all that again for the return leg soon adds up.

Travelling to meetings is expensive, tiring and a waste of time. Just adding up the amount of time your staff will be away from their core roles will cause you to look again at travelling to meetings over using video conferencing.

Face to face meetings are vital for business

Having said all that face to face meetings are vital for business, people like to see and speak to people. Email doesn’t cut it, phone calls are better, but you can’t see the person you’re dealing with. Which is why there’s still so much business travel.

Video conferencing will save you money

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that video conferencing will save you money. Let’s take a look at the costs you can dramatically reduce:

  • Travel – Mileage, train and flight tickets will plummet
  • Accommodation – Reduction in hotel bills and cheeky mini-bar costs
  • Food and drink – No travel, means no sandwich and coffee receipts
  • Lost hours – travel eats up time, less time travelling means your staff can be more efficient

Video conferencing – add to your bottom line

In these days of austerity every pound you save on things which don’t make a profit has to be good for your business. Face to face meetings will always be a vital part of doing business, but if all the preliminary meetings can be held using video conferencing then the vital ones where you just have to travel to seal the deal will be a much better pay-off.